Silently Reputed One Coin Party

This party is held every Friday evening in Shinjuku, Tokyo. Whether you’re non-Japanese and learning Japanese, or Japanese and learning English, this is the place to be. We are known for holding friendly, respectable parties. To date over 90,000 people from more than 50 countries have attended our parties.



  • Anyone is welcomed, regardless of nationality, gender, age and occupation.
  • The peculiarity of this party is to hold a party with a great atmosphere where participants can maxim enjoyable free talking with other attendees. Therefore, the venue is not especially decorated for the party and no events are planned.
  • Food is not prepared, but you can take light meals at the first floor.
  • The party is simple and economical, but to make parties a casual event and where anyone can join anytime, the host provides many party days without reservation and the lowest fee (On attending second time, the admission fee will be 700 yen, if you enter before 20:00 it will be only 500 yen for e-card holders).
  • No registration is required at the reception to secure your privacy.
  • Those who solicit the participants or display unpleasant conducts are ousted.
  • Our primary goal is to hold a party with a great atmosphere to help build personal connections between different nationalities in a non-business environment.
  • The majority of the participants are in their 20s and 30s, but those in their 40s, 50s and 60s also join. They are nice people. The ratio of men to women is half and half, though it depends on the day.
  • Even if you plan on coming alone, you are welcomed and can enjoy yourself.


  • The first party was held in 1988 to promote the Hiragana Times readers’ exchange.
  • It has been a great success and continues today. Now, anyone can join this party.

Party Q&A

On what days are the parties held?
Every Friday between 7:30pm and 10:00pm.
Are Parties also held on national holidays?
Yes、but not always. Please check with this website.
How much is the entrance fee?
Admission fee: 1,000 yen.
What is the benefit for E-card holders?
Admission fee: will be 700 yen. If you enter before 8:00p.m., it will be 500 yen from the second time, and one time free admission will be offered when the number of parties you have participated in has reached to 10 times.
Are reservations required?
No reservations or registration is required for the party.
Are there any expenses other than the entrance fee?
None. Drinks are optional. Beer and wine is 300 yen. Soft drinks are 200 yen.
When do the participants have a supper?
You can have light meals at the first floor.
Supper set (rice and miso soup included): ma-bo- (fiery hot) – dofu (680 yen), hamburg steak (680 yen) and others. Beef curry with salad (680 yen). Ochazuke and zoni (480 yen).
Some take before, or during the party, or after the party together with the other participants.
What is the party like?
It is a very casual party. You may talk to anyone.
Can I come alone?
Yes, you can come alone. You will be able to make friends easily. If you say “This is the first time for me” at the reception, they will take care of you.
What should I wear?
Suits, Casual clothing or anything comfortable is ok.
What is the percentage of non-Japanese participants?
Although it depends on the day, Non-Japanese participants are about 40%. Their nationalities and occupations are varied.
What is the age range?
Most of the participants are in their 20’s and 30’s. Other age groups can join too.
What about the female to male ratio?
The ratio between genders is about 50:50.
What happens if I do not speak Japanese?
Please come anyway, it is no problem. Participants can usually speak either English or Japanese.
Can I come late to the party?
You may enter or leave the party at any time. You may reenter the party also.